Take Away
Rehavat Yehonatan 28/1 Dimona
Postal Code: 86052 -Israel-

Tel.: + 972 (0) 544 656698
[email protected]

Send Demos:
- Send us a link with zip file to: [email protected]
- Send us a track through our Soundcloud page

Take Away was formed in 2011 with the desire to construct
an All-In-One creative artistic music hub focused on the art
of Electronic House music.
The Take Away platform is built on solid & fertile grounds and is based on over a decade of experience in the global electronic music dance scene.
Our aim is to cook, produce, release & promote a wide range of deep organic, lightly Techno powered House music.
Our mission is to provide a home base for bright, innovative,
well established and influential artists alongside brilliant new talents which will impact today & tomorrow's global club scene.
Take Away - Your direct link… Fresh! Right from the Studio
to the hands of the beholder… Use it in any form U C fit!